With a BA in Italian Studies and a MA in Translation Studies, I am naturally fond of languages, but my interests go far beyond. History, geopolitics, the US, Russia, Europe and the EU are topics I spend a lot of time delving into. The same can be said about neoliberalism in all its facets, the doings of intelligence agencies as well as the digitisation of practically everything that surrounds us, including all the privacy issues this entails.

Furthemore, I happen to be not only a sports addict, but also a keen museum-goer. However, my zeal for art manifests itself also off the beaten (institutionalised) tracks, as a bit further down my far-stretched spectrum of passions there is this elusive phenomenon called street art. The long-felt urge to record mostly uncommissioned forms of art on the streets at home and abroad, has led to an enormous and ever-expanding photo collection of urban creativity. Keep an eye on electrical boxes, lampposts, creepy alleyways and unsuspected nooks and crannies, as well as this website. Beauty is in the streets.