Adhesive Arty Ads Advertising packaged as sticker art

Forget about the predictable and tedious advertising posters at bus shelters and on billboards. Instead, scan less prominent places in public space and notice that it is there that much more beautiful, exciting and important things are advertised. Artists, illustrators, photographers, musicians, bloggers, activists, small clothing lines and others promote themselves through sticker art – the most common form of street art.

Certainly not always, but often enough it proves worthwhile to look up on the internet the maker(s) of an eye-catching sticker. Doing so, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the phothography, music, art or recommended books and documentaries that you encounter and would otherwise never have learnt about.

Some may argue that advertising (for something other than the street artists themselves) can never classify as street art, but that I think is too firm a point of view (just leaving aside the overall commercialisation of the movement, manifested most clearly by murals commissioned by big consumer brands). As to what does or doesn’t classify as such, there’s no strict dividing line, but by no means all (advertising) stickers do. For them to be considered street art, to my mind, they should promote things that are underground or not widely known rather than mainstream, their designs should have a certain aesthetic quality or wittiness and in case that is lacking, content-wise they should be directly related to the street art scene. Below are examples of stickers (and a few stray paste ups) that have aroused my curiosity because I find them funny, pretty or intriguing. One is more street art than the other, to the extent it really matters anyway. Come to think of it, this photo essay is one big ad for a whole range of other ads, but at the end of the day it’s quite simply also an overview of small-scale artistic expressions found in basically every city.

Stavanger, FifthWallTv (FWTV, Doug Gillen)
Amsterdam, Hugo Mulder
Utrecht, inkt.vis (Jochem Vis)
Berlin, Stephan Reichmann
Parijs, Sky’s the limit
Oslo, Teg Artworks
Rotterdam, stukgeboefte
Amsterdam, Crisis of Civilization (Nafeez Ahmed)
Utrecht, Dirty Empire
Berlin, Froker y Kost
Amsterdam, Mattresses of Amsterdam
Utrecht, Vrijbit
Vienna, GoVeto
Rotterdam, Sascha Lobo
Amsterdam, Thomas Powell Artist
Berlin, Sandra Chevrier, C.O.A. Galerie
Amsterdam, The Red Mice District
Utrecht, KBTR
Düsseldorf, Creep Kollektiv
Stavanger, Joe Furlong (Minesweeper Collective)
Berlin, Oracuolo Project
Stockholm, Anonymous File Upload
Utrecht, Aseed
Lipari, Demetrio Di Grado 
Hannover, Max Hartmann Photo
Eindhoven, Bologna Stickers
Amsterdam, Helen Proctor
Oslo, Chinatown Oslo
Porto, Massimo Sirelli
Stockholm, Hop Louie
Utrecht, Alice Carolyn
Utrecht, Maaike Canne
Hannover, Joey Don’t Trip
Aachen, 007 0815 Styler
Berlin, Who is Roger Ballen (Кой е Роджър Балън)
Den Bosch, Mark van den Heuvel
Utrecht, Isabelle Renate la Poutré
Amsterdam, Daniel Sachon
Parijs, nystreetphotographie
Berlin, Holger Siefken
Utrecht, Marth
Basel, El Flecha Negra
Berlin, Das Frenk
Rotterdam, Pim’s intieme plekjes
Zwolle, eleannaillustration
Utrecht, vulvadesign
Amsterdam, amsterdampussies
Oslo, Clito Ruíz
Brussels, Dana Alessi
Berlin, the alesha art
Amsterdam, Dr. Törner
Marseille, Biobizz
Amsterdam, Broeder Bloempot
Utrecht, Tijmen Snelderwaard
Berlin, Queering the Map
Amsterdam, Piro (Barry Pirovano)
Utrecht, Loof Joes (Joes Minis)
Amsterdam, ‘t Vlaggenschip
Parijs, vm.20100
Rotterdam, Sniff My Pinballs
Rotterdam, Sokaruno
Amsterdam, Operedaltro
Charleroi, Laurent Molet
Utrecht, Elysium Kollektiv
Berlin, Black Out Cities
Amsterdam, Laser 3.14
Oslo, Bunny ill
Utrecht, Superstoïcijn
Zürich, Ribu
Berlin, Viento de Libertad
Oslo, Active Distribution
Utrecht, straathaikoe
Utrecht, Plant Based News
Utrecht, Kay Slice
Utrecht, Spatzbau
Brussels, Siméon le Citron
Leuven, Dzia
Stockholm, Melanie is Demented
Stockholm, Random Bastards
Utrecht, Navi the Character
Utrecht, Dutch Graffiti
Stockholm, Spray Daily
Brussels, (R)estart Reality (Edward von Lõngus)
Utrecht, Jym Factory
Eindhoven, Supashipa
Brussels, Thierry Jaspart
Utrecht, Watdajel
Utrecht, Trendkill Stencils (TKS)
Berlin, Beugism
Amsterdam, Kari Frey
Lyon, John Hamon
Berlin, Mary Cula, FreeSentsov
Cesena, Essere Animali
Copenhagen, Porkfish
Saint Petersburg, лето на неве
Utrecht, High on Type
Amsterdam, Michael Stade
Oslo, Ron’s Crew
Amsterdam, Six Sunsets
Stavanger, Stencibility
Strasbourg, Love your translator
Utrecht, Fripsch
Stockholm, Bill the Worm
Berlin, Pict Hose
Basel, Barrikade
Amsterdam & Rotterdam, Steven Van Lummel
Stockholm, Lucky Thief
Berlin, memovithana
Heerlen, Dictator Chips
Utrecht, LD Moran
Utrecht, Ravian Derrière
Dordrecht, Howdy De Pi3m0l
Berlin, facetoface0711
Brussels, Paradox
Berlin, Stofftiers
Rotterdam, Roy Schreuder
Amsterdam, Ignored Prayers
Montpellier, Sirius Clothing
Stavanger, Consolidated Skateboards
Amsterdam, Ripndip
Rotterdam, Baschz Leeft (Lamball Bakra)
London, Lindsay Pickett
Oslo, MC Zeps, Save Live Hip Hop
Utrecht, Piet & Puck Forever
Leuven, Rumba de Bodas
Amsterdam, Mwah
Utrecht, Catch Drella
Strasbourg, Barbarian Pipe Band
Stockholm, Atomga
Amsterdam, PH17
Berlin, Edgar Déception
Rotterdam, Remix_2R
Parijs, Zoole
Moscow, Jacky_46
Utrecht, Lilju
Amsterdam, DisorderLine
Berlin, Mister 7 (Daniel Jakubowski)
Oslo, Peacetu (Rodrigo V. Lisboa)