Translation and editing services

Transposing information from one language and culture to another language and culture, that is essentially what translating comes down to. Making a translation is much like putting together a puzzle which can be solved in different ways. Which solutions do justice to both the message and nature of the source text as well as the expectations of the target audience? Weighing the options in order to answer this question, the pieces of the puzzle sometimes fall into place almost automatically, but usually that isn’t so. To overcome any difficulties, linguistic and textual creativity are required more than anything. That’s what I have experienced during my MA in Translation Studies at the University of Utrecht, in the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission, working for a multilingual human rights website and as a freelancer for various (international) organisations and individuals. My passion for languages, research skills, interest in a wide variety of cultural and political matters and SDL Studio all help me put translations into the right context.

Do you need a (news) article, (annual) report, brochure, presentation, press release, letter or whatever other text translated or edited according to one of the language configurations below?

  • EN – NL
  • NL – EN
  • IT – NL/EN
  • DE – NL/EN

Then please contact me for more information and fares.

‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe – Opiemme, Turin